ChIPS Program

Christmas gifts for Children of Incarcerated Parents, “ChIPS”.

ChIPS is a ministry of the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire that collects and provides Christmas gifts and books for children of incarcerated parents at the state prison in Concord. Inmates select the gifts for their children and then present them at family Christmas visitations. ChIPS is nearing its 40th year of this special outreach ministry. The Vestry has voted to participate again this year, the third year in a row for St. George’s.

Two ways to participate, together or separately:
Purchase a book, gift or gifts and leave in original packaging. Gift values should not exceed $20 per gift. Several quality gifts under $20 are more useful than one expensive gift. Gifts for older children and teens are always needed. Gifts that are generic (appropriate for boys or girls) come in handy. If you purchase a gift that requires batteries, please purchase those as well and attach them to the gift.

Gifts that can’t be accepted: No used items or homemade items. No gift certificates, gift cards, movie tickets; they are too easily stolen. No jewelry, balloons, crayons, play dough, glue, bubbles, make up, long sticks, knitting needles, crochet hooks, paint brushes, glass items, clothing, sharp tools or toy weapons of any kind.
DVD’s make excellent gifts but PG-13 only.

Cash gifts: Always appreciated, cash allows for the purchase of extra gifts to make up for the shortfall, which happens every year. If you aren’t up to shopping, your gift of money is just as appreciated and needed. Make your checks payable to Diocese of New Hampshire,mark them “ChIPS,” and tuck them in an envelope. Increments of $20 work nicely and makes writing the check quicker.

Drop off your gifts and checks in the green-wrapped box in the foyer anytime from now through Sunday, November 3rd.

ChIPS 2011

ChIPS Program